Solution for android problem with sending manual GPS location to the emulator via DDMS view

Публикувано / posted 2010-09-04 в категория / in category: Android

Many Eclipse users report that they cannot send GPS location via DDMS view (using Manual, GPX or KML). After about one hour of struggling with the DDMS and searching with Google I found that the problem is caused by the locale used by Eclipse, i.e. if you are in some european country your locale (and lang) will not be set by default to en_US (for example). This obviously confuses eclipse/ddms and it cannot send location data correctly (probably because of wrong decimal separator interpretation).

Solution: open your eclipse.ini (found in your eclipse install dir) and add the following line:


and restart Eclipse. This will allow you to send GPS locations to the emulator.

More about this bug you can find at android's bug tracker, Issue 915.

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