DocBook XML Editor -- my choice is Oxygen

Публикувано / posted 2009-05-09 в категория / in category: Web development

I had this problem -- I was writing DocBook based manual for Tangra Framework for PHP and for a long time I was unable to find decent XML editor that is convenient for this particular task. I've tried more than 10 different editors both open source and proprietary (XMLSpy, etc.). I've wasted more than a week evaluating them and finaly I found suitable one -- that is Oxygen XML Editor. It has all the features I need (frankly -- it has even more), it is reasonably fast, robust (unlike XMLSpy which tend to "explode" once-twice per hour) and most important -- has built-in support for DocBook.

Only drawback is that it is proprietary but fear not, academic/home use license costs just $48.

I hope that this posting will save time for people that are about to start to write DocBook documents and still wonder which XML editor to use.

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