New modules for Tangra Framework -- serp_stats, bot_tools, extlib_open_flash_chart

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Few days ago new modules were published at Most important of them is serp_stats which gives you functionality to track search phrases positions in results of different search engines (SE). bot_tools provides some basic classes used by bots and xproxies. extlib_open_flash_chart is just a wrapper around open flash chart -- flash tool for drawing pretty charts like lineplots, bars, pies, etc. Here are some screenshots:


bot_tools - List with XProxies

XProxies provide ability for bots to have available different source IPs. Some search engines will provide different results based on in which country source IP is. This also useful if you don't want to reveal your server's IP.

Search engine types

serp_stats - Search engine types

Here you can add different SE types and the separator used by them to separate search results.


serp_stats - Statistic items list

Statistic items list. Contains all items that you gather statistics for.


serp_stats - Graphics (lineplot)

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